Easy Livin’ in Zillah Lakes

Life at Zillah Lakes is a rich mixture of experiencing the country, all within several hours of Seattle, Portland, and Spokane.  Within the confines of Zillah Lakes are many opportunities for health, excitement, community events, exercise, and photography that you would never have to leave Zillah Lakes to experience the wine country lifestyle.  New additions to the community this year will increase those opportunities and the richness of life right here.

Living at Zillah Lakes is Washington’s unique brand of wine-country lifestyle — laid back, close to the earth, full of fun, sun and nearby places to go.   Zillah Lakes is designed with services, recreation, and retail within a short walk or golf cart ride for most residents and homeowners anywhere in the community.
Many of the most delightful features are available now within the boundaries of the project.  This includes the golf course, walking trails, wildlife, fishing, boating and of course, neighbors like you!

Zillah Lakes is simply — and already — a great neighborhood. It’s a true community filled with neighbors who share and delight in planned activities and spur-of-the-moment get-togethers throughout the year. Whether an amazing Halloween party with haunted house tours, a community garage sale, a beautification project, or a spur-of-the-moment visit to a new wine tasting room, people throughout Zillah Lakes are themselves the best advertisement for the Wine Country lifestyle.
In Zillah Lakes, a healthy lifestyle is truly at your doorstep.

Wine Country Event Center

The new Wine Country Event Center is open for all types of special events.
The Wine Country Event Center is a 5,000 sq ft facility with a 300 person capacity, it opened the fall of 2016. Boasting a lakeside setting and a rustic Zillah Lakes design, the center will be a great new addition across from the Yakima County Sheriff Substation.  Owner of the center is Mr. & Mrs. Jose Aguilar, who hopes to advertise its beautiful lake setting, large capacity, and plentiful Zillah Lakes amenities for weddings, conferences, corporate retreats, and other gatherings from all over the state.  PLEASE CALL (509) 831-7777 FOR INQUIRY

Nature Trail

The nature/walking trails at Zillah Lakes are the most used and beloved amenity at Zillah Lakes. Used by all neighbors, they are routed beside a natural stream and around and through the golf course, over and beside lakes.  They are great exercise and an ever-changing landscape. As you walk along the stream and through wetland areas, you might see a river otter, a flock of white pelicans, a blue heron, a family of beavers — or stop for a pleasant chat with a neighbor taking a morning walk.

Little Free Library

The owners of Zillah Lakes Inn (Lakman’s) will be building a small library sanctuary for the community to enjoy. The Little Free Library aims to promote literacy and bring people together, it’s a unique personal touch and there is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with the community. Have a cup of coffee and read a book!


Don’t forget the lakes themselves… a chain of three main lakes comprising 20 acres of high-quality water, fountains, fish, wildlife and boating opportunity.  Imagine coffee on your deck looking out on the lake… now imagine an osprey hovering over the lake looking for lunch in the clear water… and with a sudden surge and a splash the osprey picks up a fish!
This is a scene that is routinely witnessed by Zillah Lakes residents all the time!  Or imagine landing a five pound bass in our catch and release fishing. All these and more are the legacy of the lakes at Zillah Lakes.

Town Center

The Zillah Lakes Town Center is as close as a short walk or golf cart trip. Built off a tree-lined walkable parking oval, it currently includes several townhouses, and our Golf Course office.

Zillah Lakes Inn

A 7-room Boutique Inn called Zillah Lakes Inn at Zillah Lakes. By the end of the year, our town center will turn from the conceptual center to a thriving exciting hub of the community. Please contact: Pam Lakman at (206) 753-7188 or pam.lakman@gmail.com. Go to http:// ZillahLakesInn.com
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Zillah Lakes Golf Club

Golf Course – “Shoot par and we’ll buy your lunch!” Doug Lakman (206) 391-GOLF (4653)
At Zillah Lakes, one of the nicer features is a family-friendly, but challenging, 9 hole golf course.  Wrapping around the lakes and residential areas, it plays through long fairways, sand traps, water features a stream and several wetland areas. Click here for more!

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