Is It YOUR Time to Invest?


There has never been a better time to invest in Zillah Lakes. This is certainly true for new homeowners, but it may be even MORE true for investors with an interest in productive assets with a short-term surge, and longer-term upside… With our adaptations to overwhelming changes in the housing market starting in 2007, more than half of the remaining land at Zillah Lakes is ideally positioned for the savvy investor.


Interest rates and prices are at all-time lows, high rents are available and sales are picking up.

Promised City/State/Federal investment in $8 million of new infrastructure across Zillah Lakes and at Exit 50 in the next three years means that project completion is assured, and  opportunities are everywhere!

The City of Zillah intends to round up additional investment to make Exit 50 the newest, most authentic “Gateway to Wine Country” in Washington.

Investments in multifamily housing in several locations in Phase I of Zillah Lakes will pay off the investor in the near term. ROI’s are handsome, and demand is sky-high for stable long-term professional housing in the lower valley.

Interest in, and development of existing commercial lots in Zillah Lakes is already happening — most is not dependent our rapid housing development, but is oriented to the existing robust wine-tourism market, both regionally and nationally.

As the freeway exit is served with utilities and access in 2015, new projects from assisted living to hotels to retail on the new Gateway to Wine Country will open up rapidly.

Of course, everyone KNOWS the three rules of real estate success are…

location, location, location


Fifteen miles south of Yakima on I-82, Exit 50 puts you at the heart of Napa-style Wine Country experience. Zillah Lakes, touches Exit 50 and includes existing residences, hundreds of developable residential lots, and about 70 acres of new commercial land.


This is the center of wine and agri-tourism in Washington —where the graceful desert vineyards of Rattlesnake Ridge meet some of the most verdant and productive fruit lands in the nation. Central to all major wine areas of Washington, and within 2.5 hours of three major metropolitan centers, Exit 50 will be the jumping off point for the new Napa Valley. Zillah Lakes is how you buy a piece of that future.




Commercial Lots are Ready-to-build NOW in our Burgeoning Town Center area.  Two to three projects are scheduled for completion in 2015: The Zillah Lakes Event Center (under construction); The Wine Country Inn at Zillah Lakes, and the Wine Country Bistro. In addition, several multi-family, common wall zoned lots are available for building high-end rentals — a high-demand, underserved market segment with a huge upside.


Not too early to be thinking about Freeway Commercial. Go HERE


New plans to serve and access about 35 acres of commercial land off the freeway in 2015 mean that now is the time to begin the process of acquiring land you may need for the future.  This can range from a few acres for an espresso stand to 10’s of acres for an assisted living or hospitality use.  By the end of 2015, it may be too late.  You can tie up specific parcels and locations now with a letter of intent and a deposit.