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Clyde and Lenie Moslander in front of their new Zillah Lakes Home.

Wine Country at Your Doorstep


Zillah Lakes is a thriving community located in the very heart of of Washington’s new Wine Country! It’s a community filled with dynamism and opportunity spanning from single family homes, to rentals, to elder care, to robust freeway commercial — all thriving on the magnetic draw of wine and food tourism.


A new Boulevard planned for 2016 and an new Freeway Exit concept, which has been labelled “Wine Country Crossroads,”  will make Zillah Lakes an exciting center of local and tourist wine-country activity in the years to come. These projects and concepts are enabling Zillah Lakes to design a new, robust Master Plan to meet the needs of homeowners, investors, tourists, businesses, and many others.


Key to this concept is an ecologically sustainable community including: harmony with the natural surroundings, priority access for many alternative transportation modes such as golf carts, bicycles  and pedestrians, low-impact development, a large organic community garden at the heart of the town center, and options for a zero-carbon footprint for our homeowners and the project. This comprehensive update to our community master plan is represented by the sketch provided below.  The concept is still under development and in review by the City of Zillah, so this drawing remains an “artist’s conception” until fully approved by the authorities.



Click image for large Conceptual Master Plan Map

Some have compared the area just south of Yakima to the Napa/Sonoma area in the 1970’s. Like Napa, there are a multitude of great wineries, and nearby major metropolitan areas (Seattle, Portland, Spokane) are less than three hours away. The addition of fruit, specialty foods, culture, recreation, sports, beer, cider and distilled spirits, make Eastern Washington a destination like no other!


Zillah Lakes is a sophisticated community with all the modern connections you expect and need — and easy access to international travel connections, as well entertainment and cultural offerings in nearby Yakima, the cultural center of Washington Wine Country.vYet, for all this, the lifestyle puts you right into the unhurried pace, the farms, the orchards, the wines, the authentic, close-to-the earth feel of a rural village…



Homes at Zillah Lakes may be customized from standard plans or designed and built from the ground up.

Those looking to buy homes in wine country should check out our Zillah Lakes Home Center. We have made it easy to view and select lots and initiate the purchase of thoughtfully designed pre-approved floor plans. Or you can submit your own plan and bring your own builder. Through our Home Center review process, you are guaranteed quality construction, built-in technologies, and design integrity in either case.



A town home fourplex investment shows a great pro forma and ROI

Our Investor Center pages brings you investment opportunities — unparalleled not only because the great existing community, but also in the near future because Exit 50 off of I-82 is destined to become a new gateway to Washington Wine Country. Opportunities here run the gamut from commercial to hospitality, residential to elder care, boutique restaurant to thriving event center. By 2015 there are projected to be over 35 acres of new commercial land available in addition to currently zoned land.  Some of these projects are already within shouting distance of approval, others will take some additional time, extension of utilities and authorization by environmental, local authorities to complete.


But, whether you are investing in a home, or putting together a project, Zillah Lakes just might be the opportunity of a lifetime… like Napa 40 years ago.  And it’s important to note that, as great as it’s future may be, Zillah Lakes is already a delightful and thriving “Wine Country Village.”


Like any great organic community, Zillah Lakes is a jewel with many facets.


Our website is a great place to start: browse our photo gallery, unique home purchase options, investment pages, news, events, and community happenings to reveal many of those facets. But you won’t really know it until you schedule a visit and take a tour. Schedule a visit and make us part of your Wine Country weekend! Please enjoy and comment on our website!