A New Community, A New Opportunity

ZILLAH LAKES is now preparing for the next great step in its evolution!  With the recent plans of the City of Zillah to extend Vintage Valley Boulevard nearly 2 miles from Exit 52 (City of Zillah) to Exit 50 the future of the project has never been brighter! Using federal infrastructure grants, state and county grants, and developer contributions, the new $8 Million project — a tree-lined boulevard — creates exciting new opportunities for commercial and residential development. Best of all, these opportunities will begin to come on line in 2020 or earlier.  Development at Exit 50 off I-82 will introduce a new, physical “Gateway to Wine Country” for immediate development. Equally important for Zillah Lakes, extension of the road will bring utilities, access and services within access to virtually all undeveloped land at Zillah Lakes.

Design Your Own Commercial Lot
Zillah Prairie is now seeking investors who would like to line up land for commercial or residential facilities based on the master plan layout above. Any letter of intent is subject to investor approval of the road, services, and configuration of the tract to be purchased before any binding contracts are signed. The land opened by this infrastructure will initially be broken into major tracts or “zones” for projects. However, the opportunity for the investor who signs a letter of intent is to specify and reserve a specific tract that is sized and located for its intended use.

Tuscan Lake Master Site Plan - VII-C (1)