Zillah wine country is uniquely Washington: For one thing, it’s the real thing. Thousands of acres of the best wine grapes in the USA cover the slopes of the nearby hills. Set amidst those vineyards, within a short drive from Zillah Lakes, are over 100 of the best wineries in the America!  It’s why we say “The Best Kept Secret in Washington; Wine Country at Your Doorstep.”

This is the authentic wine-country experience — no fakes, no dress up, just great growers, fabulous grapes, and the best young winemakers in the world.

With 300-plus days of sunshine, four distinct seasons, fertile volcanic soil, and latitude roughly the same as the Bordeaux and Burgundy areas of France, the area is gaining recognition as one of the great wine-producing areas of the world.

Your typical experience with growers and vintners here is the kind of first-hand exchange that you just don’t get in more “touristy” or mega-vineyard settings. These are still homestead-style country folk, with a habit of direct and honest conversation — even if they make very sophisticated wines! And So Much More!

But wine touring is just for starters… there is so much more to be experienced in the Yakima Valley!

A Recreation Haven
Yakima’s climate has long made it a haven for outdoor recreation. Numerous lakes, streams and rivers, white water rafting, canoeing, team sports and other recreational opportunities are nearby. In the fall and winter, ducks, geese, elk, deer fill our forests and waterways for hunting or photography. For winter play, White Pass ski area boasts the best white powder skiing in the state and excellent facilities for cross-country skiing and snowboarding. It is being expanded into a world-class winter resort area.

A Food Paradise
Zillah is also the heart of the richest orchard land in the US — for 75 years,  a leading exporter in the world for the best apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, blueberries and pears. We see these, as well as vegetables from truck farms at fresh fruit stands and orchard packing houses that dot the area. Imagine the gourmet opportunities when coupled with great wines, readily available local cheeses and dairy, and the many craft bakeries now popping up throughout the valley. “You will love the experience from farm to table!”

A Surprising Cultural Life
Those used to the rich textures of art, culture and nightlife may not expect to find these in the more relaxed Wine Country lifestyle. Surprisingly, Zillah Lakes delivers here, too. Fifteen minutes away in Yakima, there is highly-touted symphony orchestra, a varied nightlife, several truly gourmet restaurants, and musical offerings from the latest indie-rock, folk, country, Broadway shows, as well as world-class jazz and classical performers. The Central Washington Fair hosts a musical line-up of outstanding country and rock performers each fall and the Chinook Festival in September has been featuring some of the great new rock bands of the Northwest.
The Yakima Valley is indeed a rich and surprising area. Zillah Lakes is a great jumping-off point to experience all of it.